Interior design tips: Three common painting mistakes to avoid or risk ‘imperfect results’ |

2022-05-20 23:35:15 By : Ms. A OuJin

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Considering redecorating a room? spoke to Michael Rolland, interiors expert and Managing Director of The Paint Shed, an online and trade paint retailer, who shared the biggest mistakes homeowners make when painting and the correct order to paint a room. 

Michael explained: “The biggest mistake homeowners make when painting is failing to prep their surfaces correctly, which can lead to imperfect results and cause frustration.

“Another one is not getting enough paint for their project and using the paints straight out of the can.

“You may find that your paints were mixed in different batches which can cause very slight variations in colour. 

“The best way to avoid this issue is to work out how much paint you need, check the manufacturer's details as the coverage amount varies by brand and finish, then buy just over what you need. 

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“Purchase a sealable bucket with a lid and mix your paints together. 

“This will give an even shade and once the project is complete you can seal the bucket and save some for touch ups.” 

He added: “Choosing the wrong finish is also a pitfall. 

“Homeowners should always choose the right paint finish for a specific surface. 

“Each brand will have a finish that is better suited to high traffic areas and those that are not, homeowners should take this into consideration when choosing which paints to use where. 

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“If you have a space that is high in moisture or frequently needs cleaning then be sure to get a hardier paint that can withstand these conditions to keep your room looking better for longer.”

As for how a room should be painted, Michael said there is a “correct order”. 

“The correct order to paint a room is to work from top to bottom - start on the ceiling and work your way down,” he explained.

“Start by cutting in along the ceiling with a brush.

“Then using a roller, attached to an extension pole for increased reach, you can paint the rest of the ceiling. 

“Repeat this process when painting the walls, use a brush for edges then a roller, remembering to work from the top to the bottom.

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“Last but not least are the skirting boards.” 

The paint expert continued: “After you have taped off where the wall and skirting meet, you should apply two coats of gloss, satin or eggshell paint with a small paintbrush. 

“Carefully remove the tape and you are done.

“Working the other way can mean you are left with splatter from the roller on the ceiling if and drip marks are also more likely.”

Painting ceilings, walls and skirting boards is pretty simple, painting radiators require “a little bit more time and a lot more preparation”. 

The Paint Shed said: “Painting a radiator isn’t like painting any other fixture in your home.” 

The number one thing to avoid is air bubbles and irregularities in the finished look.

First, turn off the radiator, and lay down a dust sheet to catch any drips, then sand the radiator down. 

Next, prime it and after selecting the correct paint for the job, use a brush and work in small sections. 

Finally, leave plenty of time to dry, ideally overnight, before applying a second coat.  

For more useful painting tips, check out The Paint Shed’s blog.

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