Good paint vertical and shiny grip add 1K or 2K Surfacer Primer

Car Paint Good Vertical Adhesion andGloss Increasing 1K or 2K Surfacer PrimerCAR PAINT          AUTO REFINISH          PRIMER  PAINT          AUTO PAINT          PRIMER SURFACE P100&nbs

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Car Paint Good Vertical Adhesion and
Gloss Increasing 1K or 2K Surfacer Primer



P100 1K Primer Surfacer / P200 2K Primer Surfacer

• Quick drying and good leveling properties ensure. 
• Good vertical stability and adhesion.
• Economical application and easy sanding.


P300 1K Transparent Plastic Primer

•Improved adhesion on plastic substrates and coats, suitable for various plastic components on car body.


P400 2K Epoxy Primer

•Strong adhesion and anti-corrosion on bare metal including galvanized steel plate, fast dry, and ready for direct putty application.


Sealed stored in dry conditions within the temperature range 15°C to 20°C and relative humidity range 55% to 75%.
Shelf Life     
24 months  (Original sealed under above storage conditions)
Packaging (per carton)   
1KG * 12 can & 4KG * 4 can

Car Paint Good Vertical Adhesion and Gloss Increasing 1K or 2K Surfacer Primer


1. Are you factory? 
We are 100% manufacturer in South China, located in Guangzhou which takes only 40 mins drive from the Airport.

2. How can we visit your factory? 
You can contact us to confirm the arriving time and we will send driver to pick you up at hotal.

3. How to assure product quality and quantity? 
Each production process are checked by QC departments, the chemical raw material and products are stored in good warehouse, in case any rains, direction sunshine,etc.

4. What kind of certificate do you have? 
ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS1694.C

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