Jinwei top quality good works 1k series based on shiny water car paint

Auto paint technical parameters:Physical Property:ItemInstrumentStandardTesting methodPencil hardnessPencil hardness instrument≥ HGB/6739Impact resistanceImpact tester≥ 50 kg.cmGB/T 1732Flexing enduranceBending instrument≤ 2mmGB/T 6742Adhesive forceCross-Cut tester0 gradeGB/T 9286BulgeBulge instrument≥ 6 mmGB/T9753&n

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Jinwei Top Quality Good Work 1k Water Based Series Shining Auto Paint

Auto paint technical parameters:

Physical Property:




Testing method

Pencil hardness

Pencil hardness instrument

≥ H


Impact resistance

Impact tester

≥ 50 kg.cm

GB/T 1732

Flexing endurance

Bending instrument

≤ 2mm

GB/T 6742

Adhesive force

Cross-Cut tester

0 grade

GB/T 9286


Bulge instrument

≥ 6 mm



Chemical property:

Resistance to salt spray

≥ 500 Hs

≥ 9 grade

GB/T 1771

Resistance to heat and humidity

≥ 1000 Hs

Slight loss of gloss

GB/T 1740

Above tests adopt 0.8mm deoiling and derusting cold-rolled steel sheets, coating film thickness 60~80um; performance index of coating film will change with brilliance changing.


Substrates Coated:

   Cold Rolled/Hot Rolled Steel

   Galvanized Steel

   Iron Castings

   Zinc Castings



   Aluminum Extrusions and Castings

   Rare Earth Magnets (NdFeB)

   NiZn Plated Steel

   Stainless Steel

   Powder Metallurgy Parts

   Some Non-Metallics


Powder coating Test:

Test Item:

Soluble heavy metals(EN71-3)


Formaldehyde emission(EN717-1:2004)


Lead content(16-CFR1303)


Food testing(V.S.21CFR/F.D.A)



 The Performance:

The salt spray resistance is a great breakthrough compared with electroplating products.

Salt spray test

48H(500H available)

Impact resistance(GB/T1732-1993)


Adhesion (GB/T9286-1998)


UV resistance ASTM G154-06 ISO105-A02:1993

For the corrosion resistance of plated nickel, plated chrome, plated brass, plated copper and plated tin products.



1. Tough, durable, lasting coating for metals

2. Excellent hardness and abrasion/impact resistance

3. Available colors

4. Health and Environmental Protection

5. Consistent color and appearance of the product

6. The ability to survive in highly corrosive environments

7. Flexibility to allow forming after coating

8. High durability

9. Resistance to chipping

10. Chemical resistant weather resistant

Features for auto paint

1.No hazardous ingredient.
2.No hazardous gas.
3.The inhalation of dusts should be avoided. An operator should wear an anti-dust mask and try best to avoid long time contact with the powder coatings.
4.The coatings stacked on the skin could be washed with soap.
5.Requirement of environment protection: the product doesn't include arsenic, selenium, lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, stibium, cadmium and other heavy non-ferrous metals and is in fully conformity with requirement of RoHS environment protection.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:  Packed in carton box, lined with double PE bags.
Net weight: 20 kg per carton at temperature below 25 degree carton size: 80cm*80cm*30cm
Delivery Detail: within 20 days for production after receipt of 30% deposit T/T


Products and services:

Company researches and develops superior quality products on the basis of the regional climate, construction environment, coating equipments etc., that crated multiple series of easy construction, stable quality, strong compatibility, variety of goods to meet different customers' demand. The main products covers: NC, PU, PE, polyester paints, American archaize paints etc. series

We also have a professional after-sales team building by senior engineering and technical personnel who service and follow up during the whole process from delivery to use for after-sales service and technical guidance.

Jinwei paint has human-oriented value orientation and devotes itself to pursue excellence and service customers, forms a strong technical, sales and service teams. Choose to cooperate with Jinwei means to go ahead with wealthy. Looking forward you to join us. 

 Jinwei Top Quality Good Work 1k Water Based Series Shining Auto Paint

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